GSIS rings in the new school year 2018-2019

While the memories of sitting by the beach and spending time in the holiday sun may still be fresh on our minds – it’s official – our summer holidays have now come to a close and a new school term has begun. GSIS welcomed students both old and new into the fresh school year.

Those taking the next, bigger step in their learning journeys were greeted with special celebrations:

Welcomed by our new Principal, Mr Ulrich Weghoff, the Kindergarten and Deutsche Vorschule students were treated to a lovely gathering. Both parents and our young students exchanged holiday tales and got to know each other. Mr Weghoff let the students know that, while he may be the captain aboard our ship, all the shipmates such as our students need to work together so that our ship sails smoothly – a lovely metaphor to welcome everyone to GSIS.

Mr Weghoff, along with Ms Priska Erni, the newly appointed acting Head of the German Primary and Ms Kimberly Cunningham, our new Head of the English Primary also welcomed the K01 and Y01 students respectively. In traditional German fashion, each student brought their “Schultüte” filled to the brim with all the goodies to make their start to Primary much easier. Schultüte in hand, they got to meet their new classmates and set off to begin their very first proper year of school.

A number of students who just joined our Secondary school were also treated to a special welcome by Mr Weghoff. While they didn’t get their own Schultüte, they were able to partake in an assembly. Energised and ready for the school year, this gathering allowed both students and parents alike to get to know each other over some tea, coffee and snacks.

GSIS is excited to welcome (back) all students and we look forward to an eventful school year 2018-2019!