Book Week: One World, Many Stories

The GSIS Book Week is getting bigger and better each year! Under the theme, “One World, Many Stories,” a variety of activities were planned to celebrate the art of literature.

The week kicked off with Pyjama Flashlight Reading, where classrooms were transformed into cosy reading spaces for pyjama-cladded students to read under a flashlight. On Tuesday, a reading chair was placed at the Upper Building entrance hall, and the school community took turns reading different stories to each other in multiple languages. On top of that, Book Swap and the Book Fair were two more activities that allowed students to choose and purchase a wide range of reading materials. Visiting German Author, Frau Alice Pantermüller shared her world of literature with our students, acting out the characters from her book, Lillemi und Wolf – Kleine Fee mit großem Herzen, with animated voices.

Over the week, each class decorated their classroom doors according to their book of choice, all hoping to be the ultimate winner of a pizza party. Students also entered the Bookmark Art and Book Cover Art competitions, giving their creativity a go at illustrations.

Winners of the art competitions were announced during the Book Character Parade, one of the main highlights that closed off the literature festival. This year, we spotted aspiring Avengers, mini Harry Potters, Disney princesses, and many other book characters. GSIS Primary and Kindergarten were both engrossed in the world of literature, and we are sure each student encountered many magical stories along the way.