Taking the GSIS Careers Day 2018 to a higher level, the event opened with a keynote speech from Bernice Yu, Principal, and Talent Strategy & Human Resources Effectiveness Leader from Mercer Hong Kong. As an experienced human resources professional, Bernice outlined the shifting career scenes in this technology-infused era and painted a broad picture of the likely job market of the future.

“The keynote speech was a very welcome addition to the Careers Day this year. It gave valuable insight into the opportunities provided in the tech industry. This is a hot topic nowadays, with growing concerns about increased automation of jobs, and a decreasing number of job opportunities,” said Thomas (Y12). “The keynote speech was effective in dispelling those fears, detailing the sectors that expect massive growth. For prospective university students like us, the speech was extremely valuable as our career prospects have become more informed.”

This year, GSIS welcomed 12 alumni, two parents, and one friend of GSIS with professional backgrounds in architecture, entrepreneurship, finance, journalism, law, medicine, science, and technology as speakers for Careers Day.

“I had a great opportunity to meet some young talented minds at GSIS and gain insights into their thought process and career approach,” said Dr Ketan Joshi, GSIS parent who participated as a speaker in the science track.

While some speakers represented the same industries, each one went through vastly different paths, illustrating the point that there is no set method to achieve one’s goals. It also goes to show that there are numerous possibilities when it comes to career development and achievements.

“The speakers for Media & Journalism came from vastly different backgrounds and gave their unique takes on the different career paths available in media, from fashion journalism to classic news reporting,” Thomas recalled. “It was very engaging and informative, giving me insight into a sector I knew relatively less about. I’m glad for the opportunity to get this exposure.”

One of the best takeaways from the GSIS Careers Day often comes from the engagement and interaction between speakers and students. With the constant exchange of knowledge and insight, not only were students able to expand their knowledge, speakers also learned about the perspectives and aspirations of our future leaders.

“The students I met were inquisitive, thoughtful, open-minded, have a great sense of humour, and seem to really like being at GSIS,” said Lydia Leung (Class of 2010), a young barrister from the law track. “I’m very happy to return as an alumna and even happier to see that current students are enjoying their learning process as much as I did.”

We would like to thank the parents, alumni, and friends of GSIS for making an impact in the lives of our students as speakers at Careers Day. It was also great to have our parent and teacher volunteers around to ensure smooth transitions throughout the event.