GSIS IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2018 - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校

GSIS IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2018

15 March 2018 Arts, English Secondary, English Stream

Art has always been an outlet for people, creative or not, to express their emotions, thoughts, and ideas. This year, our IB Arts students put together yet another intriguing exhibition. Under the overarching theme of “Structure,” students learned different artistic techniques and later went on to develop their own interpretations of “Structure.” Their focus ranged from exploring one’s cultural identities to mental health, from observing the urban cityscape to the impact of social media. The IB Visual Arts Exhibition has thus become a space for students to express their own journey and views of the world we live in.

“I selected my pieces for my exhibition to challenge viewers to move beyond conceptualising cities as a built environment, instead considering them as a multi-faceted ecosystem,” explained Ian. “Positive and negative space interact in myriad ways, prompting patterns and beauty that are both poignant and temporary.”

Students not only seek inspiration from their own personal experiences, they also look to other established artists for reference.

“I was fascinated by the works of Ester Maria Negretti and James Somerville and did a lot of architectural structure work inspired by their styles,” said Sarah. “After having looked at and studied man-made structures and buildings, I wanted to widen my scope and look at a more personally meaningful topic – emotional and mental structure.”

Each artwork was created through meticulous thought and effort, a process that is no easy feat.

“My exhibit is very personal and centres around my experiences and feelings growing up,” expressed Matilda. “The hardest aspect of putting together my exhibit was finding ways to visually express abstract concepts such as nostalgia and discomfort.”

Yet, through self-exploration and research, each student came to their own and were able to create pieces that reflects their passion.

“It was only when I began accepting that my personality is necessarily expressed through my art, it being a wonderful creative outlet amidst the pressures of academic schoolwork, that I also appreciated the importance of making stronger, more gestural pieces that could supersede making elaborate, detailed work, so long as I was able to show my passion for the subject through the art itself,” said Natasha.

Although art may seem abstract, illogical, and confusing at times, it is a window to a piece of the artist’s soul laid bare. Our IB students all shared a part of themselves at the exhibition, making the showcase truly raw and beautiful.