Student Well-being - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校

Student Well-being

8 February 2018 English Stream, Secondary

Next week, our Year 7 and Year 10 students have the opportunity to attend some exciting workshops and seminars. To augment our taught academic programme, the students will hear from and work with a number of renowned experts as well as our very own GSIS Counsellors, Ms Jeanette Geisel and Ms Tanya Lau.

Mr Lance G King, international author of learning skills texts for students, parents and teachers and the creator of the Art of Learning programme delivered to over 250,000 students in 32 countries, will advise our students on “Exam Confidence” and “Learning to Learn”.

A workshop on Drug and Alcohol awareness will be facilitated by KELY Support Group, a local charity that offers empathetic and confidential support to young people and also provides a comprehensive range of services that inform, empower, and build peer support.

Counsellor Ms Priyana Mirchandani will talk about “Eating Disorders” with the Year 10 students and our very own GSIS counsellors will address “Sex and Relationships” with them.

In addition, and following the recent viewing of ‘Screenagers’, we will work with our Year 7 students on how to adjust to, and further improve, their successful use of digital devices both inside and outside the classroom.

Promoting student well-being, these seminars and workshops aim to support our students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to manage their own health and well-being and to support that of others.