Education Bureau announces advanced Chinese New Year Holidays for Kindergarten and Primary schools

To all Parents in Kindergarten and Primary Departments

Dear Parents

In view of the latest development of seasonable influenza and to minimize the spread of influenza within schools, the Education Bureau announced that the Chinese New Year Holiday for all Kindergartens and Primary schools would be advanced to start from 8 February. (The Secondary school will operate as normal and school will finish on Thursday, 15 February at 10.45 am.)

The arrangements for Kindergarten and Primary school are as follows:

The Chinese New Year Holiday for our school is from 8 February (Thursday) to 23 February (Friday). Lunar New Year holidays are also included in the period mentioned.

Only if parents are unable to make arrangements to take care of their children and intend to send the child to school, please contact your respective Head of Department via email. Please note that classes cannot continue as normal.

For Pok Fu Lam bus services and Primary students at the Peak campus, please inform the bus company by this evening at 6:00 pm if your child needs to take the bus to school.

Contact details are as follows:

Kwoon Chung -
Kingsview -
Clearwater Bay -

The school bus service for Secondary students at the Peak campus will run as normal.

During the additional holidays, we will provide appropriate learning support to students for them to make good use of time. The class teachers will be sending through learning material for your child.

If you have any enquiries, please contact your respective Head of Department.