Breaking it Down: TOK Day 2017 - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校

Breaking it Down: TOK Day 2017

1 December 2017 English Secondary, English Stream, IB Diploma, Secondary

Theory of Knowledge (TOK), a core element of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, leads students to understand the construction of knowledge. Though it may seem complex and overwhelming at the first instance, the topic can be broken down into simpler terms. In November, Y12 students took part in the TOK Day organised by Dr Martin Cox, the Theory of Knowledge Coordinator for English Secondary.

“The aim of our TOK Day is to jump-start Year 12 students into the mysterious world of epistemology where nothing is quite what it first appears to be,” said Dr Cox.

From ethics to quantum physics, students experienced TOK on a rollercoaster of contrasting learning techniques. They discussed the way ethical knowledge is created and then moved on to a hands-on practical experience of the construction of knowledge in the arts. The psychological game (Aliens & Citizens) opened up fresh thinking about knowledge in the human sciences. On the other hand, the three monologues expertly performed by Ms O’Connor enabled students to explore the limitations of using perceptual knowledge within the legal system.

“The workshops had a wide variety of topics covered, which all had relevance to TOK. I liked that they were interactive and engaging, encouraging students to develop TOK thinking while also being entertaining, so we were genuinely interested,” a Y12 student commented. “I liked the activities overall, especially the alien-citizen exercise! The best way to help students learn is through trying it out for themselves and then encouraging them to make connections from the activities to things they can learn.”

Through a wide variety of subjects, the TOK Day opened up different windows into the theory of knowledge, allowing students to view the topic in multiple perspectives. Each workshop presented thought-provoking and challenging ideas, pushing our young minds to think out of their intellectual comfort zone.