Last week, our Primary students engaged in a series of book and reading activities, expanding their interests in literature. Each class also took the effort to decorate their classroom doors according to the theme, "Windows into Stories", hoping to win the grand prize of a pizza party.

During random periods throughout the week, students participated in the "Drop Everything and Read" drive, halting in-class activities and starting to read at a moment’s notice. The other activity that encouraged our students to explore different stories and genres was the "Book Swap". With a wide selection of German and English books to choose from, students swapped and shared books.

GSIS also hosted author visits, inviting a Swiss and two local authors to read their books to our students. Listening to humorous stories, Chinese history, and the benefits of meditation, GSIS students were exposed to new knowledge from our visiting authors. Thank you to our Parents Community Committee for kindly sponsoring these visits.

The week ended with a fun assembly, where children dressed up as different characters from books, and the winners of the best decorated doors and drawing contest were announced. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the week as they immersed themselves in different worlds through "Windows into Stories".