Middle Building Opening - German Swiss International School 德瑞國際學校

Middle Building Opening

27 November 2014 General


It was with great pleasure to welcome so many parents, students, teachers, partners and friends of GSIS on 7 November 2014 to the opening ceremony of our newly renovated Middle Building. The development and renovation of the new facilities was undertaken in two years and we are proud of having completed this phase of the GSIS Campus Development Plan successfully and to schedule.

German Swiss International School is a very special place: Positioned in one of the world’s greatest cities, our school culture reflects the melting pot of Hong Kong in its diversity and rich multiculturalism. Our dual stream system of German and English education may distinguish us, but we are one school working and learning together. All the while we draw upon the energy of our adopted home. Our reputation precedes us and rightly so: our students’ academic achievements are second to none. However, this is only part of the picture: we foster an open-minded and engaged world view in our students, and guide them towards becoming responsible, critical-thinking and self-assured young citizens who will shape tomorrow.

How each of our students reaches this point in their development is an individual matter. We address the needs of each and every student. We build a supportive environment that exists to nurture talent and competency, while also addressing areas of greater need. In turn, our students respond to this encouragement with ambition and confidence: they see the opportunities afforded to them and work hard to fulfil their individual potential. For many of our teachers, it is being part of this development that makes their position so rewarding.

This process cannot take place without the right learning environment: What you will see as you explore our new facilities is a modern school. It is specifically designed not only to meet the needs of our students and teachers, but to greatly enhance their everyday experience. Through subject clusters and group spaces, we encourage collaboration; through arts spaces, we encourage creativity and vision; in our sporting facilities, we encourage teamwork and play. Meanwhile, our classrooms and the new Senior Library foster the autonomous learning that our graduates take with them to university life and we once again have the room to bring all of our school community together in the Ingrid Buchholtz hall.

GSIS is a school rich in tradition, but a large part of this tradition has always been our forward thinking and innovation. The opening of the new Middle Building facilities is a major step forwards in ensuring that GSIS remains on the cutting edge of international education and offers the very best for our students.

Thank you for joining the opening ceremony of the Middle Building. If you haven’t had the chance yet to explore our new facilities please contact Simon Phillips at sphillips@gsis.edu.hk to arrange a personal tour and to learn more about the next steps of the GSIS Campus Development plan and the opportunities to get involved.

Annette Brandt-Dammann

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