Prevention of Influenza

Dear Parents

We are now entering what is considered to be the peak season for the transmission of Influenza and Respiratory Viral Infections in Hong Kong, and there are some cases in our school. We have taken up additional measures to provide an utmost hygienic environment for our students. We also ask for your help to protect our students by stepping up precautionary measures at home.

If your child has flu-like symptoms, please seek medical attention and keep your child at home to rest until he/she has fully recovered. The Centre for Health Protection of the Hong Kong Government has strongly advised that children do not attend school until 48 hours after any fever has subsided.
In order to prevent the transmission of any illness among the children, the school reserves the right to request a Doctor’s Release Note before your child may return to class. We thank you for cooperation in this matter in the interest of keeping our school as healthy as possible.

Yours sincerely

Dr Jens-Peter Green